Eye surgery

Together with top specialists in ophthalmology we help provide expert, comprehensive care in the field of ophthalmic surgery. Leading international and national ophthalmic surgeons specialised in cataract and oculoplastic surgeries offer the best personalised treatment options to ensure ideal surgical outcomes and patient experience. We also guarantee that the latest technological advances and product lines, both for diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures are at your disposal to improve the vision and life quality of people seeking value-based care.
Service portfolio: 

Healthcare Consulting

Do you want to run your business more effectively and efficiently? We help you provide high value care by resolving healthcare delivery challenges, optimising collaborative perspectives and finding system-based solutions to integrative healthcare services. We encourage business decisions that promote quality performance and growth through sharing our expertise and guidance on strategy, operations and organization from planning to execution.  

How we help our clients in the healthcare industry:
• Enhance your reputation and generate customer confidence
• Maximise patient-customer experience
• Patient centred, optimised performance and growth potential
• Operational monitoring and risk management
• Performance analysis, quality standards
• Multidimensional support for infrastructure projects of all sizes in the health industry
• Concept, design and development of medical diagnostic units
• Health tender procurement and management
• Prospective and innovative customer and partner allocation, mergers and acquisitions
• Financial, legal and data protection services
• Proactive patient pathway management, recruitment and retention
• Preventive- and follow-up care integrating complementary and alternative methods

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